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Auction of a Dominik Hasek Hockey Plaque

In the middle of December 2017, the online store FanObchod.cz was contacted by Professor Vejdovsky Foundation with a request for help to provide space and promotion for an auction of a Dominik Hasek Hockey Plaque. We did not hesitate and we are very honored to be able to help in such matters. To promote the auction, we also work closely with the ice hockey portal NHLportal.cz.

AUCTION ENDED March 2, 2018 12:17 CET
In the case of a bid on the end of auction date, the auction will be extended by 24 hours after the last bid.


You can bit in CZK, USD or EUR.

Last bidder: Pavel Vítek

Plaketa Dominika Haška

Learn more about the auctioned item

It is a piece of memorabilia for real hockey fans, NHL fans and collectors of valuable memorabilia. Dominik Hasek donated this rare plaque with a puck from his last game for the Buffalo Sabres team, where he spent 9 seasons (1992/93–2000/01). During this time, he played in 491 regular season games. Sabres won 234 of them and Dominik marked 55 shutouts. (For more statistics of this phenomenal Czech goaltender click HERE.) This plaque is from his last 491st game in the Sabres team against Atlanta Thrashers. The game took place on March 26, 2001 in Philips Arena, Atlanta, and Dominik Hasek scored 19 saves in a 4:0 win. In addition to the plaque, you will also get a personal dedication from Dominik Hasek.

Purpose of the auction

The auction will be part of the project Help me see the world. For this project, the Foundation also organized a crowdfunding collection in cooperation with the Karel Janecek Endowment Fund, which takes place on its website and the donations are multiplied by the golden ratio, i.e. by 1.618. The project will support the purchase of devices for premature babies who are at risk of loss of vision. One of the devices allows eye examinations in such small babies, and the other is a laser for eyesight treatment. For more information about the project click HERE. If the target amount is exceeded, the money will be primarily used to purchase these devices for early examination and treatment of premature babies. The remaining money will be used to support other ongoing projects or people with severe visual impairment. Professor Vejdovsky Foundation will post information about the use of the money in the News section of its website.

Professor Vejdovsky Foundation

Dominik Hasek donated the plaque for charitable purposes to the Professor Vejdovsky Foundation. The Foundation bears the name of a world-renowned ophthalmologist, Prof. MUDr. Vaclav Vejdovsky, DrSc. The aim of the Foundation is to help people with severe visual impairment to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives. Like Professor Vejdovsky himself, the Foundation tries very hard to ensure that people with visual impairment can live in dignity. At the same time, it seeks to prevent serious eye diseases and reduce the risk of postoperative complications. Support is steered by leading experts in the fields of ophthalmology, typhlopedy, economics and law, as well as by visually impaired people with many years of personal experience. If you do not want or cannot participate in this auction, please consider an alternative means of donation that will be used to help people with severe visual impairment to overcome everyday obstacles.

Would you like to help the Foundation?

You can do it in several ways. By sending a donation via SMS to 87777 in the following format: DMS KUK 30, DMS KUK 60, or DMS KUK 90. You can also help in the long run by sending an SMS to 87777 in the following format: DMS TRV KUK 30, DMS TRV KUK 60, or DMS TRV KUK 90. You can also help by sending a donation to the Collection or Foundation account. Collection account: 9980287/0100 with Komerční banka; Foundation account for donations: 154986714/0300 with Československá obchodní banka. For more information, please visit the Foundation website HERE.

Bidding conditions

Bidding is possible only by sending an email to pavel.nadrchal@fanobchod.cz with the following information:
- email subject: Auction of a Dominik Hasek Hockey Plaque
- name and surname of the bidder
- place of residence
- the amount for which the bidder wants to auction the item (rounded to hundreds CZK)
- email address
- telephone number

Winner of the auction

The winner of the auction will be contacted by the Professor Vejdovsky Foundation. If the winner cannot be contacted for a long time and is unavailable, the winner will be the second highest bid. This winner status passing can be done repeatedly. The online store FanObchod.cz will provide the Foundation with the contacts of the winner only. The Foundation will not be provided with the contacts of the unsuccessful bidders.

Individual bids

Note that bids are offline and are processed once a day, with the exception of February 16–19, 2018, when there is a holiday and no bids are processed during that period.

Date of biddingName and surname of the bidderPlace of residenceAmount (CZK)Amount (USD)Amount (EUR)
17.01.2018 16:46Martin DvořákMoravská Třebová3 200,- Kč153.46 USD125,76 EUR
18.01.2018 20:41Natálie SirkovskáZdiby5 000,- Kč241.05 USD197,08 EUR
24.01.2018 11:42Jiří ProcházkaHoroměřice7 100,- Kč345.61 USD279,80 EUR
21.02.2018 09:59Filip PořádekUnhošť7 200,- Kč349.45 USD283,91 EUR
24.02.2018 08:54Patrik ChadimaŠluknov8 000,- Kč388.29 USD315,77 EUR
27.02.2018 08:33Filip PořádekUnhošť8 100,- Kč393.05 USD319,02 EUR
27.02.2018 15:33Jiří ProcházkaHoroměřice8 500,- Kč411.58 USD334,58 EUR
28.02.2018 09:19Filip PořádekUnhošť8 600,- Kč416.42 USD338,52 EUR
28.02.2018 12:07Vítězslav JandaFrantiškový Lázně9 500,- Kč460.00 USD373,94 EUR
28.02.2018 20:53Pavel VítekJeníkov9 800,- Kč470.79 USD385,52 EUR
01.03.2018 06:45Vítězslav JandaFrantiškový Lázně10 100,- Kč483.30 USD397,09 EUR
01.03.2018 12:17Pavel VítekJeníkov10 400,- Kč497.66 USD408,89 EUR

Obligations of bidders

The bidders have to send emails in the format and with the information specified above. Otherwise, the email will not be considered. The bidders have to send true information.

* FanObchod.cz acts as a media partner of the auction only and does not assume any legal responsibility for the auction.
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